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MOTHER'S DAY - Do something about it!

I still think of Mother’s Day as being for somebody else. To clarify I have two kids but when I see Mother’s Day adverts they all sound like they’re talking to other mums. They’re soft focus, gentle and flowery. They are nice but motherhood is rough. It’s not a gentle walk in the park. It’s early mornings and sleepless nights. That bit isn’t a phase either it lasts for years! And don’t get me started on laundry. I often wonder if there are people living in my house I don’t know about.

Flowers just don’t cut it. I need a rest. Sometimes I feel rested then I’m like wow, that was a good 25 seconds. I need someone to tell me to stop and sit down and rest.

If you're a mother reading this here’s my advice make your shower meditation, moisturise slowly and deliberately, do it completely, do one limb at a time, and devote time to sitting and reading even if it’s just your shopping list – words make space for things in your mind.

If this is a father, daughter or son looking for a Mother’s day gift for your wife or mum tell her she’s beautiful and give her a gift that reminds her to do the above SHOP NOW!

Happy Mother's Day!

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