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So I’m reading a book called The Secret. A friend at a party recommended it to me last week. I make a point of asking friends what they are reading at the moment. No it’s not a pun to sell my wares. I ask because I think it’s important to get out of your own head sometimes and into somebody else’s. Reading gives perspective.

If you don’t know what The Secret is then you need to read it. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but I’m going to tell you. The Secret is the way you think is how you feel. This was a freighting thing to read for me because it is a core part of our philosophy here at Novel Skincare but we know it to be true through our own intuition rather than reading this book.

It got me thinking about how much what we do is through intuition. And how much our bodies play in reading that.

There is a brilliant TEDX talk about body language, if you Google it you’ll find it as it’s had millions of views. Like us, and this book you intuitively know it is important to read the signals your body is telling your brain. Calling you to react. The secret is being able to read of those messages, to be aware of your feelings and knowing how important they are. Not only because of the way it affects your mind but also how your thinking then controls your future.

There is a lot of truth in understanding this law of nature. And it is why we only use natural ingredients in our products. When talking about the body, when talking about reading your mind we have to look at it like a natural ability available to everyone. We can’t read your mind. That’s not what we do. We give you a tool to help you relax your body so you can read your mind. And when you can do that you can change your world.

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