This is intelligent beauty, with a twist.


I like the idea of using organic natural ingredients but in reality I also like ordering pizza. Why does one negate the other? Why can't natural skincare brands reflect our real stories. We are good but no one is perfect and the truth is our bodies and skin reflect this. 


I stopped using chemicals in my hair and when I wanted to do the same for my skin I found that the growing range of natural and organic skincare was amazing but confusing. So many different combinations of wonderful ingredients but I had to research ingredients and their benefits separately before buying.


There was also a growing number of "new" cult skincare products like watermelon or AHA but many contained ingredients I was trying to avoid like artificial fragrances and colours.


Even with all the research I found little improvement to my skin because I didn't understand what my skin needed and why. I didn't want to waste any more time or money and couldn't bare the idea of anymore wasteful or unrecyclable packaging.   All I knew was there needed to be a more concise way for me to find new and effective ingredients in an organic natural and vegan form. Oh and it had to look good, feel good and do good too.


So we created a novel approach to natural skincare!  Our  award winning unisex, organic and vegan friendly skincare collection is designed to complement your skins unique needs in a luxuriously playful and responsible way. Here you can explore the library of natural ingredients and shop by the lifestyle factors that have more of an impact on the appearance of your skin than you know.


Education is really important to me and our signature book packaging, not only keeps our active natural ingredients out of direct sunlight, but also reinforces my belief that keeping informed about what we use on our skin  breeds beauty. That's why we educate our customers on the ingredients we use (via social media) and why we also sponsor charities like Room to Read who work in some of the worlds most deprived countries to  improve literacy for young girls.  


Read more about this in my interview with Glamour Magazine here.

Nneka Fleming, Founder



We use high-quality natural ingredients that enhance your skin NOT hide your story.


We incorporate naturally effective essential oils and skin care products prepared with specially selected natural active ingredients. They work in unison with your skin's natural composition.


Invigorating, uplifting and soothing high quality natural ingredients are incorporated into each special formulation. These therapeutic plant extracts contain natural antioxidants, moisturizing essential fatty acids, and anti-inflammatory properties.


This blend helps to enhance and moisturize your skin while restoring and boosting your skins natural balance and radiance leaving your skin revitalized and hydrated. Our essential oils stimulate your mind and can help uplift, relax and revive you.


Our products do not contain any animal bi-products or animal testing, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, artificial colours or chemicals.

As part of our philosophy, all our jars are made from fully recyclable material. Our fine velvet books are designed to keep. So you can dispose of your empties responsibly and refill your books without the wasteful packaging.

We've designed our skincare library so you can shop for what you need based on what you know -  Your Lifestyle.

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What you think is who you are.

How you feel is what you see.

Your body is where you live.



We promise to create products that are effective, that educate and inspire.

Our products do not contain any animal bi-products or animal testing, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, artificial colours or fragrances.

All our Books and Chapters are made from fully recyclable material. 


Release your story.