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Our Story
 Introduced by Eva Apio

Eva Apio Introduces Novel Skincare
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We Read You

Over the last 10 years Novel has evolved. From our simple concept of translating skincare stories into  skincare to now connecting skincare, bodycare and home fragrances into to natures story. But our ethos remains the same. A good novel is  an experience. You disappear into it. You want the chapters to absorb you. You want the world to wait until you're ready. But most of all it offers you a different perspective on life.  We believe skincare should do that too.

We have created a novel approach to natural skincare. Buildable natural ingredeints that work together on rotation with the seasons to meet your skincare needs. Each collection builds on the one before it and provokes your skin to continue to renew and provokes you to discover nature as a tool to help you rest, renew and uncover your story.


Our  award winning natural and vegan skincare collection is designed to complement you, your story, in a luxuriously playful and responsible way. Here you can explore a library of natural ingredients that meet your unique needs.



Read more about this in my interview with Glamour Magazine here.



Let us read you.

Nneka Fleming, Founder


Our Products

We use high-quality natural ingredients that enhance your skin NOT hide your story.


We incorporate naturally effective essential oils and skin care products prepared with specially selected natural active ingredients. They work in unison with your skin's natural composition.


Invigorating, uplifting and soothing high quality natural ingredients are incorporated into each special formulation. These therapeutic plant extracts contain natural antioxidants, moisturizing essential fatty acids, and anti-inflammatory properties.


This blend helps to enhance and moisturize your skin while restoring and boosting your skins natural balance and radiance leaving your skin revitalized and hydrated. Our essential oils stimulate your mind and can help uplift, relax and revive you.


Our products do not contain any animal bi-products or animal testing, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, artificial colours or chemicals.

As part of our philosophy, all our jars are made from fully recyclable material. Our fine paper-velvet book packaging is fully recyclable. 

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Our Philosophy

What you think is who you are.

How you feel is what you see.

Your body is where you live.


Our Promise

We promise to create products that are effective, that educate and inspire.

Our products do not contain any animal bi-products or animal testing, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, artificial colours or fragrances.

All our Books and Chapters are made from fully recyclable material. 


Release your story.

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