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We started on this journey only 7 months ago. The idea was to create a natural skincare brand that enhances your skin and doesn’t not hide your story. I’ve spent the last seven moths getting up to speed on what it takes to run a skincare brand. It is not my background. Before setting up Novel Skincare I worked in fashion and creative events and then became a stay-at-home mother to my two boys. When you have kids stories seem to be the most important thing you can offer them. They ask so many questions and stories make the most difficult ones easier. So it made sense to connect beauty and stories in the perfect example of where one size does not fit all.

We all have stories to tell and yet the beauty industry only ever seemed to tell one story and that was always a beautiful one. We know that this doesn’t reflect real life and so many new brands have come about to reflect the truth about beauty. From the nasty chemicals so many of them harbour to the effect these fake beauty clams have on self-esteem and body image. And we are one of the game changers. We say pamper and celebrate yourself and your story naturally.

We have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback we have had in such a short space of time. We have been reported as “New Luxury” and “couture for your face” by different publications around the world, we won an Editors Choice Award from The Beauty Shortlist, we have held our first pop up store called Library of Ingredients, in our native East London Redchurch Street, where we shared just how our ingredients read you. And we have worked with like-minded brands like Well+Happy and Warren Evans Beds both championing wellness and conscious living . We have seen continued sales growth and started working in partnership with events and causes we think are fresh and interesting for the modern man and woman.

We have plans to launch more products in different categories and host more pop up shops so we can meet more of our customers because your continued feedback is really important to us.

We have come to the end of our Body of Work Series. And as the weather heats up in London and we peel off more clothes to reveal our bodies we look forward to our new theme Body Language where we question how we listen to our bodies. In this new series we hear from Models who have re-considered what their body means to them. We speak to stylish academics who believe in mind over matter and we work with dance company AYB on moving your body and hearing your own rhythm.

Our instagram feed is our way of continuing to tell stories that we find interesting. Here we will continue to look at body language in its visual form and share inspiring quotes from notable people on how they listen to their bodies.

Enjoy the new series and as ever let us know what you think by leaving a comment below or reviewing our products on our review page or facebook page.


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