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The Huffington Post ran an interesting campaign last month called “All Women Everywhere” it was aimed at providing a platform to reflect the diverse mix of female experiences and voices in Britain today. It was interesting because it was about stories, which is always a big deal for us, but also the underlying message: being a women is hard work from motherhood to working in male dominated industries, FGM and body dysmorphia to women in politics.

Notably none of them talked about beauty. I wonder if it’s because beauty can seem too lightweight amongst some of the serious issues listed above or whether it just didn’t fit into the curation of the project. But it got me thinking about women too busy to think about beauty.

Beauty is something very important to women. It is not a multibillion dollar industry for nothing. Most women instinctively care about what they look like. Sometimes it can go to the extreme and you get fanatics that blog about beauty all day long and hoarders who subscribe to beauty boxes because they want to try every last thing out there but what about women, like me, who are too busy for beauty but want it anyway?

We may be too busy facing all the challenges of a woman or just doing anything else other than thinking about our beauty. And that is not because we don’t care about “this stuff” it’s because beauty doesn’t fit into our story. Despite being a natural instinct to spend my hard earned money on beauty and the fact that using these products releases a feeling of pleasure, beauty does not have a “proper place” in a women’s story.

Beauty now means something very different than it did ten or even five years ago. For many of us beauty means wash, liner, lip and run - do it as quickly as you can. For us something two minutes long does not require a conversation or a blog post, it does not need a youtube tutorial. For us beauty means work before the work is done. We just don’t talk about it.

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