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In a recent interview my company was compared to some new mega players in the beauty industry world. They are more millennial in some ways and more colour cosmetics driven but the messaging is the same - You First. This is no small feat: The concept that beauty is not about being anyone else. It is not about fitting into another model but about being yourself and knowing that any improvements you make will still leave you with you. So how about choosing products that not only improve your skin but also to enlighten your mind.

I was told a long time ago to redefine my definition of success. It was by my boss at the time who wanted to know what I wanted to achieve by working with her. Of course I said I wanted to work hard and I wanted to be the best at what I do – you know the usual stuff any self-respecting employee would say to their boss. And she turned to me and said no. You have to define yourself. Whatever it is you want to be you already are so you need to define it. She then proceeded to tell me what she could see in me.

You will function better if you have a vision and work towards it. Read people and situations, construct your position and create your world. I know I work better on my own because otherwise I get bogged down with getting you to think better of me. There is something so important about knowing yourself. I think more established companies have too long ignored this mind body connection. And I’m not talking about the holistic versions of this, although that does count. I’m talking about the way your brain works.

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