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I see skin on every page of fashion magazines. I see glossy beautiful skin before I see the clothes. To be honest in today’s fast fashion world there is very little difference between the look of something bought from a high street store and something bought from a top fashion brand. What I’m looking at in these magazines is the person wearing the clothes. And yes they are models with exceptional bodies but more to the point exceptional skin?

There is a common view of skincare it’s either you have great skin or you have horrible skin. If you have great skin no advertiser will talk to you because there is nothing they have that you want. If you have horrible skin then it is a problem they can fix. But what if you have combination skin? I don’t mean part oily/part dry I mean you have skin that is not perfect but it’s not a problem to be fixed? Then is it just maintenance? Cover it up with makeup when you need to and just live with it the rest of the time?

What do you wear before you get dress? I read a lot of fashion magazine. I know. I know I shouldn’t because. As Baz Luhrmann said, “they are designed only to make you feel ugly” but I can’t help it I like the fantasy, I like the perfection and dream like quality of the world they inhabit. I think it’s why I like Instagram too. It’s like a democratic fashion magazine.

The only thing is life isn’t perfect and you need a little script to help you through, a little preparation as part of your arsenal. Sometimes that means delving deep into a situation planning out all the possible questions and preparing to attack with clear answers. Other times it’s as simple as putting on the right shade of lipstick.

What do you wear before you get dressed?

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