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Men want to look good and feel good. They are naturally built bigger and stronger than women. Even the smaller ones would probably beat you in an arm wrestle. Does that mean they should smell like a chemical toilet?

A lot of men’s skincare products do just that. They want to embody all the ‘cave man’ stereotypes but they don’t believe men might want something a little different - a little less panty dropping. In fact it’s the same major brands that bring you said panty dropping fragrances whilst also selling products telling women to love themselves.

Men can and should feel good and look good for themselves. Firstly because they are not all out to pick up chicks, secondly because men were the first to understand the mind body connection (the gym was designed specifically for that purpose). Thirdly, because their skin is tougher and thicker and they notice their sand paper hands more at day jobs which increasingly involve typing at a desk than outdoor labouring.

So if men predominantly want this why are there so few options for them? More puzzling still why do products have to be specifically designed and packaged for men? And why do men’s products need to be sold as energy boosting or virility enhancing?

Once mating musk is out of the equation men’s skincare drops off the map. In nature, after germination, there is no need for a plant or flower to be male specific. Floral does not have to mean feminine, but since society has already decided it is, why not offer sophisticated blends that don’t play up to that? We do and we make sure they work.

Intelligent men know the only thing holding them back from using effective natural ingredients is a fear of seeming to female and that men-tality is holding them back.

Part of our Write My Wrongs Series


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