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I confess there is a sort of celebrity I follow on Instagram. She is the only one I promise but I find her intriguing. She reminds me of me but she’s funny and far more warts n’ all than I could ever be and that’s why I love her. She said something recently that brought up one of the questions that used to plague my mind about feminism. Namely that feminism can be a judgemental and middle class thing where some women get to judge other women’s choices.

Feminism, ideologically speaking, was a fight for middle class women for middle class women. They were educated and wanted their right to vote because they believed they had intelligence equal to men to do so. Winning that war gave rights to all women and spread around the world and no one can hate that. However, today that original sentiment seems to rare it ugly head. Do you need to look or act or think in a certain way to be a feminist?

People would assume that being a women automatically makes you a feminist but evidenced by recent American politics that does not hold true. Likewise some would assume that shaving your head or having a nose ring might put you in that feminist camp but actually that doesn’t work either. Similarly can feminists be strippers or poll dancers whose work involves the sexual gratification of men?

Feminism cannot only be about equal rights because rights require freedom to express yourself and those expressions of freedom might conflict with feminism. Whoever said being a woman was easy?

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