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Sexuality has taken centre stage in the beauty industry. Makeup is not just for ladies anymore. There are an increasing number of companies that are leading the way in opening up the beauty of beauty to the masses and we totally applaud them here.

What we want to focus on for a second is sensuality. It’s a little step back in that we want to discuss the on-going taboo of touching yourself. It’s not what you think let me explain. Sometimes taking a shower and moisturising is the only part of your day when you get to focus on you. It’s so obvious I know but there is a lot of truth in it. When else do you get to caress your body like you do in the shower? And it’s not a sexual act because lets face it we don’t have time for that. We’re rushing to work whilst fitting in breakfast for the kids, the school run and a gym session! Really where is the time?

If you can take a moment to realise this small act of loving yourself then suddenly everything changes. You have completed one of life’s ultimate treasures – you time. So now lets face what we use on our precious bodies during that time.

The answer is chemicals. Why? Because it’s there, you picked it up on your weekly supermarket shop, it’s a no-brainer, it was easy. I totally get that but when you put it in context of this is the only time in your day for you, and it’s probably only 7 minutes, then supermarket stuff doesn’t always make sense. Take the time to look for products that look after you. Trust me you will look and feel better for it.

Part of our Write My Wrongs Series


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