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We’re still embracing our bodies and “writing” our wrongs here at Novel Skincare. Lets face it our bodies have been portrayed as imperfect objects of temptation and desire our whole lives. If touching your own body is intimate why does moisturising your skin always look so clinical in adverts? It’s a knee or an elbow and yes they do get dry but does it have to be so alien? When you wash or moisturise your body it can be the only time in your day you focus on yourself. So lets keep it real. Let’s make skincare that says something about ourselves; we’re thinking, we’re feeling, let your body speak.

We work with essential oil specialists to create skincare products that respond to your body. They can stimulate your senses, relieve stress and anxiety as well as all the functional stuff like cleanse and moisturise but we do it with natural goodness and no harsh chemicals. And to top it off we remind you to think. So let’s think not just about ourselves but how we are all connected too.

Packaging waste is a big problem for many cosmetic companies and we don’t want to be part of the problem. All our books are designed to keep and our Refill Chapters are made of lightweight fully recyclable PET. This is a non-leaching plastic and the most widely recyclable plastic on earth. Those thoughtful moments need to be well-rounded we can’t be expected to love ourselves in isolation.

We love your mind as well as your body that’s why we say - We read you because we do.

Enjoy more body wrongs @novellifestyle

Part of our Write My Wrongs Series


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