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New Year New You right? The purge is a tough ask. Why do we do it to ourselves every year? I need to be better, work harder, lose weight, give up my vices. Wait a minute I love my vices. A glass of wine, OK maybe two glasses of wine, not going for a run, eating pizza instead of salad. Vices are special too as long as it isn’t all the time. We believe bad choices often make the best stories. That doesn’t mean we stop trying to make it right because there in lies the story.

I consider my vices an act of love. My new years resolution is to love myself. I know that often means embracing my ‘wobbly bits’ or something but this year I mean my bad too. I am going to love my vices. If you follow us on social media you may have noticed our new social media campaign called Write my Wrongs. It’s about accepting all that is wrong with you in your mind as well as in your body. There is a redemptive power in temptation. If we are to deny them we first have to confess them. This is what confession looks like @novellifestyle.

As you moisturise or cleanse your body with our stimulating body responsive natural ingredients you are writing your story. Let us help you write your wrongs. SHOP NOW

Part of our Write My Wrongs Series


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