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You’ll notice from this blog that I concentrate on portraits. They are my window to your soul. I’m not into selfies but a self-portrait is something different. It is an examination of self.

When an artist works on their self-portrait it captures a state of mind. It’s not about the clothes they are wearing or how perfect their lipstick looks it is about their place in their world at that time.

I’m interested in people and their stories. I often wonder what does it feel like to be you? I think that’s where my interest in beauty, fashion and art come together. It’s in the story, the fantasy – who else could I be?

I think I’m very good at reading people. If there is a shy person in the room I will see them as the most interesting person there and want to bring them out of their shyness usually by trying to make them smile. And when they smile I think there you are.

Shy people can often be the most flamboyant dressers. I feel a strong connection to my clothes. I wear them to death. They are a part of my story because they speak for me when I can’t. I believe skincare should have the same feeling. I wash and moisturise everyday. Yes, I moisturise my entire body everyday. If I don’t it feels tight and dry, it looks undressed and it doesn’t feel like my skin.

We believe how you feel is what you see. How do you feel today?

Part of our Portraits Series


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