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These are not my words. These are the word of Dostoyevsky. In “The Idiot” he proclaims, “beauty will save the world”. The impression of beauty is evident in all of us. I don’t think he is limiting beauty to how we look but neither do we.

There is a vision behind our brand.

We house our natural skincare products in beautifully tactile books because we want to make a connection with the precious little time we have to ourselves. As a mother of two small boys (5 and 3 years old) I often feel I never get a moment to myself and when I do it is in the act or reading (hardly ever anymore) and cleansing or moisturising my body which I do everyday.

By putting these two important rituals together I felt I was centering in on a really important moment. The act of preparing your body for the day or washing off the remnants of the day is so very important to ones state of mind. That's also why the jars, which we call Refill Chapters, are a blend of words and essential oils. For example Stream of Consciousness, unrefined brown sugar scrub is all about washing away the one thousand and one thoughts and feelings that pass through our minds. This is where your story exists. It is on your skin everyday.

We work with essential oil specialists when working up our products to ensure they are potent and effective. From an aromatherapy point of view we want our products to stimulate your mind and your body.

Photo credit: Acne via pinterest

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